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MINERAL 89Repairing Eye Fortifier

With 89 % Mineralizing Water of Vichy, formulated with natural origin hyaluronic acid and pure caffeine. Minéral 89 Eyes is your dose of strength for a brighter look.
Minéral 89 Eyes reinforces the skin barrier function of the eye area, smoothes fine lines with 24 hour hydration and reduces the appearance of dark circles for a more rested look.

  • Hydrates 24 hours
  • Smoothes fine lines caused by dehydration
  • Reduces dark circles - Brightens the eye area
  • Fortifies the fragile eye contour area

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS89 % of Vichy Mineralizing water - Natural origin hyaluronic acid - Caffeine
SKIN TYPEAll skin types
WHENMorning + Evening
BENEFITSHydrates - Smoothes - Brightens

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Repairing Eye Fortifier
Repairing Eye Fortifier

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